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What is Residual Income

Residual or sometimes called Passive Income is money that is earned on a continual basis from a product or service that people continue to buy. Residual income is revenue from an activity that you are not actively involved in. There are several ways to earn residual income but I am going to concentrate on Affiliate Marketing. Building your sources of residual income involves a lot of work up front, but eventually you will find yourself with enough time and money to be financially free and able to enjoy yourself doing whatever you want, whenever you want

How to Build Residual Income

Affiliate Marketing is a way to create income by recommending products and services, and getting paid a commission for every sale. The type of affiliate offers you promote can be from one sale or many products require a monthly subscription, where you get paid a monthly commission as long as they are maintaining their subscription.

The lead capture page, your website,  will attract visitors and once someone signs up on your page, you will start to send them offers for products they should be interested in. This type of promotion is called a lead funnel and over time will produce sales without much further work from you.

Why Choose Residual Income

Many people have started an online business like this with little initial costs and have been, after a time, able to quit their job or supplement their retirement or income. The growth of the internet and online marketing has allowed more people to develop residual income businesses. There are billions of people on the internet every minute. To be successful all you have to do is find your target market, find out what problems or needs they have and suggest a product that will offer them solutions. After a while you will develop a list, group of people – a target market,that you can offer products to on a continuing basis, and you will get paid every time they buy. By following this method you will be creating a residual income.

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