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“A blog is a way for you to share your thoughts, ideas and knowledge with the world. It started out as an online journal and has grown to be a platform from which, if you choose, you can build your own personal brand, a successful online business and even change the world”


For starters you don’t have to know special technical skills or coding skills to start a blog. The most important thing is to choose what you are going to write about. You need to find something that you are passionate about and like to read and talk about.

You need to write on a consistent, regular schedule and write about topics and ideas that are interesting and useful to your readers. Successful bloggers are consistent writers and are involved and active in their field. You have to know who you are blogging to and you need to produce good quality content No one is going t follow your blog if the quality is low. What you provide, people need to be interested in.

To start a blog you will need a website and a field of interest. Website builders have made it easy to write your blog to your website. Basically it’s a cut and paste operation.


You can get inspiration and become familiar with blogging by visiting forums and other blogs in your field of interest. If you go to Google and type in your interest + forum, several sites will appear and you can start. This will let you see what others and businesses are blogging about. Find out what people are searching for, problems that exist. For every need there is a solution. You can write about these problems and needs and provide options to solve them. You can then offer an affordable solution, your own product or an affiliate offer, and make a sale. The results is that all parties are happy.


There are endless things you can write about. The most important things are that you enjoy and are interested in the platform you choose and that there are enough other interested people in your topic to read and follow you. Here are blog post ideas

  • Act like a journalist or reporter and write about your interest
  • Be a teacher and offer tips and how to information
  • Share your opinion about current events, news, sports etc.
  • Write about how people have benefited from new research or inventions
  • Do a summary on books or research reports
  • Write about work or your hobby
  • Listen for problems and offer solutions, in your field of interest
  • Interview experts about your field

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